Public Education

Public Education on Good Governance, Development and Citizenship Component and Servicespublic-speaking-in-action

The LGRC shall strategically promote good local governance practices and innovations through public education activities. This component shall also promote transparency and accountability in local governance by facilitating citizen awareness on and participation through good governance advocacy activities, dialogues, consultations and in partnerships with media, CSOs and private sector.

Public Ed Component Functions
  • Develop partnerships and identify relevant programs to encourage knowledge sharing with and among stakeholders.
  • Organize formal or informal forums for tacit knowledge exchange, especially between experts, academe, stakeholders, community
  • Promote the capabilities and services of LGRC through marketing programs and initiatives to increase patronage and participation in LGRC-sponsored activities.
  • Facilitate the delivery of knowledge and other forms of LGRC support to the community.
  • Develop feedback mechanism for KM
Public Ed Component Services Offered
  • Roundtable discussion, FGD, etc.
  • Conduct press conferences and media forums
  • Social marketing of various programs (i.e. benefits of replication, importance of performance management, services of LGRC)
  • Collect feedback as basis to improve reusability and relevance of knowledge products and information