Multimedia Knowledge & Information

Multimedia Knowledge and Information Component and Servicesmulti

This component involves the processes of knowledge identification, acquisition and creation. This entails knowledge resources mapping and analysis to identify sources, timeliness, strategic value and usability of knowledge of the LGRC. It is a repository and channel of communicating knowledge and information sharing through the website and the Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).

MKI Services Offered
  • IEC materials development
  • E-library services
  • Database of best practices
  • Electronic file sharing
  • Webmaster – online services for LGPMS and other performance management tools

MKI Functions
  • Repurpose and repackage existing content into new information/knowledge product (KP)
  • Enhance the usability and presentation of information and KP collected and developed
  • Maintain and modify knowledge products
  • Post new information/KP in the electronic knowledge base
  • Manage user accounts access
  • Maintain knowledge bases, including posting and categorizing new content items, writing abstracts as necessary for LGPMS, LGUIP e-library, exemplary/best practices, etc.