Capacity Development

Capacity Development Component and Services training

The Capacity Development Component is a venue to deliver or facilitate the delivery of quality, strategic and responsive capacity development for promoting and undertaking replication of exemplary practices through Go-FAR.

Capacity Development Component Functions

  • Maintain a comprehensive knowledge map of primary and secondary content sources
  • Work with users, experts knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization teams in identifying information/knowledge into KP that need to be created to address user needs
  • Perform primary and secondary research required to create new knowledge and or update current ones plus in depth user needs
  • Validate content of new KP through network of subject matter experts
  • Regularly perform review of the LGRC knowledge base to ensure currency and relevance of information at all times

Capacity Development Services Offered
  • Technical Assistance in support to capacity development and to various programs
  • Assessment on the capacity development needs of LGUs using available tools and systems

The pursuit of excellence in governance trails back to determining the degree/level of performance and competencies of the local government units in local governance. As such, the utilization of the diagnostic tools developed by DILG and other institutions is encouraged.

The LGRC primarily pursues the utilization of the following diagnostic tools:

Documentation of Good Practices
LGRC shall promote the GO-FAR template in documenting good practice. It shall likewise learn the experiences of LGUMTP in the preparation of a case study on LGU Good Practices.